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Pre-Professional Division &

Students invited to the Professional Division & BNT II concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry through an intensive, comprehensive program. Professional Division curriculum includes technique, pointe, variations, contemporary, modern, choreography, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique and seminars on such topics as nutrition, injury prevention and cross training. This program is designed to help students transition from student to professional dancer. North Texas Conservatory equips students with career planning by offering workshops and resources on resume writing and the audition/job search process, providing contacts for audition photos, and through individual counseling/conferences. Acceptance into the NTC Pre-Professional Division insures multiple opportunities a year for students to dance roles in Ballet North Texas’ productions exempt from auditions for the specific production. 





Pre-Professional Division students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements during the school year, as North Texas Conservatory does not have year-round housing available. Students often choose to live with a roommate; most roommate situations are established before the end of Summer Course. Please contact our office for recommendations on housing arrangements. 



Student Conferences


Conferences with Ms. Lawson and Artistic Staff are held in the winter to discuss student progress, options for summer programs and the following school year, and audition tour plans.



Pilates & Strength Training

North Texas Conservatory provides additional strength training with classes in Processing Ballet Technique, Pilates and Conditioning. These classes are intended to enhance and protect dancers as they develop new muscles and strength outside of ballet technique. 



Future Career Planning

NTC is firmly committed to providing as many career planning resources and job placement opportunities as possible to Pre-Professional Division students upon graduation from the program. Resume building info sessions, audition workshops and photographer contacts for audition portfolios are available to students. Individual counseling and advice on careers in dance and/or college dance programs are also provided.

Performing Experience

Company Rehearsals: Professional Division students may be called to Ballet North Texas Company rehearsals. If called, students are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals, whether or not they are cast to perform. The Conservatory office must be notified if rehearsals conflict with School classes. School dress code is required in rehearsals.


Company Performances: Professional Division students perform in Ballet North Texas’ The Nutcracker. A select number of students may be cast in other productions throughout the season. This information is included in the Professional Division student fall registration.

Private Coaching: Professional Division students are eligible for discounted private coaching for dance competitions.


Teacher Assistants: Professional Division students may be selected to assist with Children’s Division and Student Division classes. Teacher Assistants gain valuable experience working with North Texas Conservatory instructors, learning to manage children in a classroom setting through demonstration and verbal instruction.

| Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Variations, Conditioning, Classical Spanish |

(Pre-Professional Program, Placement Required)


Level III/IV

| Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Variations, Conditioning, Classical Spanish |

(Pre-Professional Program, Placement Required)

Level V:

| Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Modern, Conditioning, Classical Spanish |

(Pre-Professional Program, Placement Required)